Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Berkley Blog continues

After over a month of blog blockage, I'm back at it, for good or for ill.

This blog is a personal endeavor, the musings, insights, and opinions of an individual. As such, it does not constitute the official policy or pronouncements of any group or body, including Presbyterians For Renewal, for which I am Issues Ministry Director. This is Jim speaking, and only Jim.

While this blog may have some new aspects, it continues in the same spirit as the previous version, still available at

I will be experimenting with including the opportunity for readers to post comments. Depending on the volume of commentary, I expect I will not be able to respond to all comments or questions. I would ask, however, for civility and generosity in anything that you might post.

Welcome back to The Berkley Blog. I pray that this forum will be faithful and enlightening, and that it will be worth your while to visit here often. For easy return, you may want to bookmark this new address in your favorites:


Blogger said...


WELCOME BACK! Your blogging was missed.

Your contribution to PCUSA life is invaluable, so I'm glad you're continuing on. Probably a good idea to let folks know that your posts are your personal posts, not necessarily representative of PFR.

Hey, great pic of you and Lloyd Ogilvie, my former boss, in a recent ReNews.



10:32 AM, October 14, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should do your blogg so that it links directly from PFR instead of going through the "Blogg has moved" deal. Or are you not connected with PFR. Also Sept 3 was a awhile ago. I do appreciate your comments however.
Greg Wiest

5:18 AM, September 20, 2005  

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